Get out of my Prison
My muse tells yours they’re pregnant with their baby. What’s their reaction?

♣”What the actual fuck?”

Ask the Character about their Roleplayer
Put a word in my ask and the Mun and Muse will argue over it.
alas poor Yorick, I knew him well...

♣ “‘Poor Yorick’ shouldn’t have been fucking ‘round my prison.”



((White!Mun: I doubt anyone even cares, but we still exist.. We’re still here. Sorry for that.))

((Black!Mun: As we thought, no one cares. Sorry for fucking up your lives with our waste of space.))

*drops a pinecone on your head*

♣ “You have some kind of fucking problem?!”

You need to get out more, a little vacation. You are very stressed.

♣ “Like your opinion was fucking neccessary.” The warden grumbled, shaking his head.

Why Black-san is always so "angry" '?

♣ ”Because people are idiots and it pisses me off that they can’t even think to not bother me on a regular basis.”